Butterfly Life Cycle Kit

The Educational Experience of Raising Butterflies

Butterflies For You can provide a life cycle kit for the classroom or as a  present for a curious young person.

The educational experience of raising butterflies is something that your children will never forget. They will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly because they will watch the transformation day by day from the egg state all the way through the metamorphosis to a butterfly. Be sure to watch each stage of butterfly development carefully. You may observe how the egg changes colour before hatching, how the caterpillar eats and moves, and how it changes features and perhaps colour as it grows. Check on the chrysalis often so you can release the adult outside soon after it emerges.

*Living things have life cycles  (ACSSU072)   is part of the Primary syllabus which is mandated curriculum for the planning, assessment and reporting of student progress in Western Australia, as prescribed by the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline

The life cycle kit consists of 

A pop up enclosure 

Laminated care instructions

Educational life cycle information

6 Monarch Butterfly eggs

2 Caterpillars

2 Chrysalis 

1 Magnifying glass 

Caterpillar food

Butterfly Food 

$180 includes GST and delivery (in the South West of WA) 

Please enquire regarding deliveries for Perth metro areas.

Life cycle kit

Life cycle kit