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Welcome to Butterflies For You where we promise a unique experience to create timeless memories for your special occasion.  The mass releasing of butterflies creates a magical, elegant and joyful touch to any event.  We specialise in weddings, wedding ideas, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, christenings and kits for the life cycle of a butterfly. Our hand raised Monarch butterflies are bred to order so you will receive them at their most vibrant and healthy stage.  When released the butterflies will live out the rest of their natural life-cycle.  The Monarch Butterfly is a common inhabitant and is found in most areas of Australia so will populate the area in which it is released.  

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Monarch butterfly wedding release

Butterflies For You

A Butterfly release is a unique and amazing way to celebrate your wedding or special event. Never again will you witness anything so beautiful and magical as the butterfly release.

Monarch Butterflies have a different flight pattern than other species, flying more slowly, rather than quickly flitting about. And, they’re a more social butterfly. They are much more likely to spend some time amongst your guests, landing on nearby tables or chairs. Some guests may even be fortunate enough to have a butterfly land directly on them. Their presence is enough to delight guests of all ages.

Individual release monarch butterfly

How does it work?

The Butterflies are delivered to you either on the day or the day before your wedding or event. Just with any event, having a designated person will ensure the smooth running of your butterfly release.

For a successful release the butterflies need to be released during daylight hours and outdoors in temperatures above 18 degrees centigrade. They will not fly at night, in the rain, extreme wind or cold temperatures. You will receive detailed care instructions with your butterflies. 

Monarch butterfly caterpillar

Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Kits

Watch as your beautiful Monarch Butterflies make their journey from a tiny egg to a stunning butterfly.

The educational experience of raising butterflies is something that your children will never forget. They will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly because they will watch the transformation day by day from the egg state all the way through the metamorphosis of a butterfly.   

* Living things have life cycles (ACSSU072)is part of the Primary syllabus which is mandated curriculum for the planning, assessment and reporting of student progress in Western Australia, as prescribed by the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

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Anniversaries & Occasions

Anniversaries & Occasions

Wedding release monarch butterfly

We have a variety of options for you to choose from to release your beautiful butterflies. 

  • An individual release: 

Each butterfly is in its own special release box, the release boxes are contained in an outer White or Ivory box decorated with an organza ribbon to match your chosen colour theme for your wedding or special event.  They are distributed to your guests and after a few words or perhaps a meaningful poem to compliment your occasion, the butterflies are released simultaneously to provide a delightful display.

  • Display release:

You can choose a beautiful hand finished vintage bird cage wrapped in fine tulle/net with nectar flowers and sugar sticks for the butterflies.

If you have any special requests please ask us and we will try and accommodate your wishes. 

  • Mass release:

A mass release box will hold the butterflies for release all at once by opening the lid.

Anniversaries & Occasions

Anniversaries & Occasions

Anniversaries & Occasions

Wedding release monarch butterfly

A special milestone birthday or anniversary is a chance to go all out and release a butterfly to celebrate the special occasion. 

Will you marry me?

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Will you be my Valentine?

What a wonderful way to ask a special person to be part of your wedding. A butterfly can be sent, opened and released to mark a special request.

Funerals & Memorials

Anniversaries & Occasions

Funerals & Memorials

Monarch butterfly for funerals & memorials

Releasing butterflies adds a unique and memorable touch to a funeral or memorial service.  The butterfly has long been symbolic of freedom, love and new life or the beginning of a new journey. Butterflies flying free can also represent the “setting free of the spirit” and releasing butterflies is a reflective, yet uplifting, experience.  Family members and friends may “send their love on the wings of a butterfly” as they each release their own individual butterfly ~ a very touching and personal experience.  Alternatively, a mass release of butterflies from one release box… open the lid and fill the sky with an amazing flutter of beautiful butterflies ~ such a unique, symbolic and personal way to commemorate the passing of a loved one… special memories that last forever.

Butterflies, unlike balloons are a living natural wonder and have a positive impact on our environment.

Romantic Proposals

Naming Days & Birthdays

Funerals & Memorials

Monarch butterfly marriage proposal

A marriage proposal will hopefully only happen once in a lifetime, so you will want it to be memorable and perfect. What could be more romantic than a single release butterfly. 

Naming Days & Birthdays

Naming Days & Birthdays

Naming Days & Birthdays

Child and monarch butterfly

A naming day, christening, birthday or sweet sixteen are all times to celebrate and make the moment magical. Why not release a butterfly to mark the occasion.

Photo Shoots

Naming Days & Birthdays

Naming Days & Birthdays

monarch butterflies for photo shoots

The Monarch Butterflies are so spectacular they would make an amazing prop for your photo shoot. Big and beautifully coloured they wouldn't fail to impress.

Perhaps its a grand opening for a new business that needs that extra special something.

Poems & Verses

Monarch butterfly

An Indian Butterfly Legend

If anyone desires a wish to come true they must
capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it.

Since they make no sound, they can’t tell the wish
to anyone but the Great Spirit.

So by making the wish and releasing the butterfly
it will be taken to the heavens and be granted.

Author Unknown

Irish blessing:

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

A Symbol of Love

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
and for a brief moment, its glory and beauty
belong to our world.

But then it flies again,
And though we wish it could have stayed…
We feel lucky to have seen it.

Author Unknown


Butterfly Release FAQs

For your information please refer to our frequently asked questions. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Where do the butterflies come from?

Our butterflies are especially bred on our butterfly farm.  They are nurtured and protected through their incredible life-cycle from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and finally emerging as a big beautiful butterfly ready to be released.

We specialise in breeding the beautiful Monarch Butterfly as they are a visually stunning butterfly for releasing. They are safe to touch and to interact with humans, they are also readily found in all areas of Australia so will safely continue their natural life-cycle whilst having a positive impact on the environment and posing no threat to other fauna or flora.  The Monarch Butterfly is a beautiful golden orange and black in colour with some white features, as seen in various photos featured throughout our website. 

What happens to the butterflies after the release?

They will happily continue the rest of their natural life-cycle.  Whilst not an original Australian native, they arrived in Australia from North America as recently as 1871. Once its host plant, the Milkweed arrived as well, the butterflies began to flourish.

They are now naturally occurring in all areas of Australia so will certainly inhabit any area in which they are released.  Releasing butterflies has a positive impact on the environment and helps to replenish the sadly depleting butterfly population. When used in a mass release, the butterflies will fly to nearby flowers and plants. Often a few of the butterflies will land on the bride's bouquet or even land on a few of the guests – which is a delight and great photo opportunity.  

Do butterflies harm the environment?

No, they do not. In fact, by doing a butterfly release you are helping populate butterflies that have been displaced due to urban sprawl. 

How long do Monarch Butterflies live for?

In Summer, most Monarchs live between two to six weeks as an adult. However, the life span of the Winter generations can be as long as 8 months.

Are butterflies always available?

We are constantly breeding butterflies so as to fulfil requests on short notice, however for events where notice is possible we do recommend securing your date in our schedule so that we can breed the butterflies especially for you. Ideally more than 5 weeks notice is recommended. Ordering with shorter notice may be possible but will be subject to availability as breeding would have already commenced.  As we are working with nature we do recommend contacting us with as much notice as possible to confirm availability and to have peace of mind that your special date is locked in our breeding schedule.  We are happy to take orders 12 months in advance.

Please note that butterflies are cold-blooded which means they hibernate when it’s cold and need the temperature to be warm for them to be able to fly.  Therefore, they are not available during the colder winter period, depending on your location in Australia. 

What is a Butterfly Release?

Mass Release - A mass release box will hold the butterflies for release all at once by opening the lid.

Display Release - The butterflies fly around inside a decorated cage, placed in your reception area, hung from trees or stands, or as table centre piece. At the appropriate moment, the netting is drawn to release the butterflies.

Individual Release – The Bridal Party or selected guests each receive a butterfly in an envelope or butterfly box to set free at a designated time during the wedding ceremony. Our envelopes can be inscribed with the bride & grooms names and date of the wedding or other special event on one side and a poem or reading on the other side to keep as a memento or wedding favour.

What kind of butterflies are they? 

The Monarch Butterfly or otherwise known as Wanderer Butterfly lives its short, busy life in many Australian backyards.  Monarchs are very common and perhaps the most recognised butterfly, especially in urban areas.

Interesting fact - The wings of the Monarch Butterfly measure 9 cm and carry it at a speed of up to 40 km per hour.

How does weather affect them?

If it is cold, butterflies are inactive. As they warm up they become lively. The minimum temperature for flight is 16 °C. Butterflies should not be released in the rain.

Do they stay around after the release?

Yes! Monarch Butterflies are friendly and interact well with people and will allow you to move in close to photograph and sometimes even let you pick them up!

How are butterflies shipped? 

Locally, we deliver your butterflies ready for release or display directly to your event location.

How do they survive when boxed up?

Monarchs are very hardy. The casualty rate is less than 1% and it is likely that all will be lively and healthy when released. The lower temperature in the shipping box puts the butterflies into a restful and comfortable "hibernation" state and they do not need to eat or even move during shipment. 

When do I place my order?

As soon as you can. We will hold reservations on an order for a year in advance. 30 days is requested, however based on availability it could be 1 day before your event. We specialise in wedding butterflies, but we can accommodate memorials for a same day delivery if possible.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment is made through Paypal via our website.  For orders larger than 10 butterflies a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.  The balance of payment will be needed prior to delivery. 

What is the cost for delivery?

The delivery cost for local areas is incorporated into our pricing. Additional charges may be incurred for deliveries over 50 km's.

What if I need to cancel my order?

We will require up to 30 days notice for order cancellations to enable us to re sell our stock.

What do I do when the butterflies arrive?

Your delivery will arrive with full instructions and your receipt.

When do you give the butterflies to the guests to release?

At the time of your choosing – see individual release notes.

Can I pick my order up?

Our Butterfly Farm is located in the South West which is also our residence. If you would like to save on the delivery cost and live locally we can arrange for you to pick up. Please email us though our website for instructions on ordering and picking up.

Do I get a guarantee?

Yes. We proudly offer the highest level of expertise and guarantee our butterflies will always be healthy and vibrant ~ 100%

Can I request something different than the packages you provide?

Yes, we are happy to customise your requests and can offer a bespoke package that caters for your exact needs.

What is the Spiritual meaning of the Monarch Butterfly?

It is said to be a sign from the Angels  one of the most popular signs from the angels are butterflies. Seeing a Monarch Butterfly is a sign from your guardian angels. They want to remind you of their presence. Your Guardian Angel sent the Monarch Butterfly your way as a sign that you are on the right path and your angels are guiding you and protecting you.

What is the IBBA?

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is the largest and oldest professional butterfly farming trade association. Members bring valuable knowledge, ethics and professionalism to the service of butterfly release. The standards practised by their members are for the love of butterflies and the education of consumers. Please be a responsible consumer and purchase from someone with the high standards of the IBBA . If your vendor is not a member of the IBBA, it means they don't meet the strict guidelines of a professional breeder.


Members of the international butterfly breeders association

Members of the international butterfly breeders association 

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